The Road to College - ACT & SAT Prep Classes and More

Signing up for a class that prepares you for those college entrance exams (SAT/ACT) is perhaps one of the best things you can do to get yourself into a decent college or university. The material on these tests should be familiar to you, but their presentation and formatting may be entirely new to you. Taking a class makes it so come test day, there are no surprises. If you will be taking the SAT, you'll need to also take the PSAT, which is just a practice test to prepare you for the one that counts. You can also take PSAT classes. Do what feels best for you but keep in mind that less work doesn't mean it's the right path. Do your best to prepare for the standardized tests you need to take now and you'll thank yourself later. Pay particular attention to your math class. Formulas and equations you learn now will most likely appear on these tests. While your primary focus should still be on your high school education, you can start planning ahead now. Sign up for You'll have to answer several questions about yourself, but once you do, you'll receive scholarship updates, job opportunities and even internship opportunities. You can even opt to receive e-mail notification of these updates. FastWeb is great because it allows students to get a heads up on scholarships they are eligible for. That's why you answer all of those questions first. The results you receive are completely customized to your background, ethnicity, interests, extracurricular activities and GPA. You can expect to frequent the site often. It also offers excellent financial aid information and resources and articles to help you get abreast of what this whole college thing is all about. Why sign up during your sophomore year? This allows you plenty of time to become familiar with FastWeb and all it offers. So, once it's time for you to actually apply to scholarships you'll know the requirements like the back of your hand. Being prepared is the major theme here, in case you haven't noticed. Make use of FastWeb and all of its resources and you'll definitely have a leg up on your classmates.


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