What You’ll Gain From Attending Freshman Summer Orientation

Going to college is an entirely new experience. While you may be the kind of person that thinks they can do things on their own, you will need help when it comes to becoming familiar with your new school. Most colleges offer a summer orientation program that shows new incoming freshman around the campus and provides valuable information on how college works. Some things you'll learn at such a workshop include: The location of important buildings and offices, the college's academic requirements, how to register for classes, assistance in registering for classes, tips on getting to know instructors, how to make the most of your college experience, where to go to join clubs and become involved, etc. One of the most important factors of this orientation is the campus tour. Trying to find your classes without having been shown around campus first can be next to impossible. This isn't high school anymore. College campuses are huge and unless you know your way around, it's very easy to get lost. You may have already registered for classes at the summer workshop, or just been given instructions on how to do so at home. If you were merely given instructions, you will need to register for classes on your appointment day. Even though it may say you can register anytime after your appointment date and time, register as close to this time as possible. Incoming freshman and transfer students are on the lowest rung when it comes to registration priority. Your appointment date and time will most likely be scheduled after most of the returning students have had a chance to register. Make sure the classes you register for all count toward your general education requirements. You're going to want to get these courses out of the way as fast as possible so you can begin focusing on your major courses. It is also a good idea to have several back-up classes on hand. There is no guarantee there will be room in the classes you register for. If the class is full or you are put on the wait list, you will need to have a back-up class in mind. For many students, if your enrollment drops below 12 units or below full time, your financial aid will be lowered or dropped! Always be mindful of this. It's tough to get all of the classes you want, but try to make your schedule as varied as possible. Four really difficult classes may not be the best way to start out your college experience. Try to mix up your schedule with a few difficult classes and a few fun-but-still-count-toward-my-degree classes.


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