Get Information at College Fairs

Many high schools have college fairs, so you can also go to yours and check out local college information. But, many other college fairs are held across the country. You can easily find a college fair near you by visiting the National Association for College Admission Counseling website at: These college fairs give you an excellent opportunity to learn about many colleges all at once. It can be very expensive to visit all of the colleges on your list, so going to a college fair saves you lots of money on travel expenses. You can even pick up brochures, applications and financial aid information for your prospective colleges. Be sure to have any questions you may have ready to ask the college representatives. Also be sure to bring a pen and pad of paper for take notes. You'll be speaking to lots of people and you won't be able to remember everything! Junior year is a hectic time. You're officially an upperclassman now, and a whole slew of new responsibilities are foisted upon you. You probably have your driver's license by now and may be working and going to school simultaneously. While you will certainly be busy, you need to keep in mind your college goals and what you can be doing now to make them a reality. You may feel as though your life is tough enough, but taking AP (Advanced Placement) classes offer students numerous benefits. Not only does it look good to do well in an AP class, but at the end of the year, you'll be given the opportunity to take an AP test. If you pass this test, you'll receive college credit in that course! Just think of it! You'll have college credit before even setting foot on campus! Plus, being consistent from freshman year to senior year with high difficulty level courses shows you are dedicated and committed to your education. When you're a freshman in college, you'll be thankful for the rigorous high school curriculum you took. College is entirely different from high school, so you can look at AP courses as a transition.


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